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About Our Facility

Our Story 

As a facility that opened in 1996 , we are as dedicated to health as we are education and safety. We have come a long way in those years and hope to grow more in the future. There is no better path to being optimally fit than through well-rounded workouts and intense training backed with encouragement.

A small, neighborhood training and fitness facility, San Augustine Body Shop LLC focuses efforts on building a better fit and more active community. Each person that joins or inquires about our membership or personal training adds to the fitness journey. For us that is what it is all about.

We do allow guests if you would like to bring someone with you. Our guest policy requires that visitors speak with staff first. See contact methods below. Or come in during staffed hours to speak with staff in person to go ​over your paperwork, the rules, & your payment. Each guest is required to read & sign our rule sheet & pay prior to any workouts occur, for the safety of our members! Our guest day rate is $10.00 per day. Guest(s) can only be present with the member. Guests are not allowed to use a member’s access pin/card, and members will be charged for unauthorized visitors. Of a penalty fee of up to $250 per incident.

You can contact us via our webpage to pay directly

or to contact us directly via website-

Find us on Facebook

Or phone 936-201-9848

Our Team

Jon Adam Mills


Manger, Personal Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition,  Specialist in bodybuilding coach, & glute specialist

Louann Halbert


Bobbie Pratt


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